Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Saying Goodbye

(Dave and the kids, Steve's family, Sasha and Corina)

Just a few of the friends and family from Virginia we are missing.

Our Move to Arizona

Our journey across the country has ended and we now begin life in Arizona. The drive was long and nerve racking because we both had to pull a trailor. I was so nervous my hands gripped the steering wheel so hard the whole way. Once we arrived in Arizona we stayed in a hotel for another week until we found a place to rent. We're renting a cute little house in Maricopa. Its small but it was easy to move in to (being one level) and it'll be better for cooling. Yes it is HOT!! We bought a little kiddie pool for the kids but noticed that the water runs warm, not cold. They enjoyed it anyways.
Our life has taken a new turn with a new city and state and a new job. We feel very blessed and are happy to be back on the west coast. (Excuse me, I should say west side of the country. You are right, Fred.)