Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Busy Easter Weekend

We had a great, busy Easter weekend.
Friday morning Snowflake had its annual Easter Egg Hunt. I read about it in the paper and everyone was talking about it so my kids insisted we go. It was really windy (when isn't it?). The event was held at the golf course where they divided it up by age group. I took Mason over to the 1-2yr old section. They blew the whistle and they were off! More like the moms were off. You wouldn't believe the site, moms and dads pulling their 2 year olds by the arm trying to get as many eggs for their tots as they could. I spotted one pre-teen boy gathering as many as he could in his shirt to give to his little sister. It took all of my will not to yell at him. Meanwhile Mason is hunting at his slow, 2 year old pace. I wanted him to be able to hunt on his own and find his own eggs, to be a "big boy". Well, he didn't get very many because of it. My feelings, parents shouldn't be allowed past the "go" line. Let the kids hunt. Not the parents for their kids. Ok, that's the end of that rant. They need to put me in charge of this event next year. ;)

Here he is with his 5 glorious eggs! (I'm not bitter)

Saturday, April 11th was Parker's birthday! He's 5! He's been telling averyone he's 5 for the past 3 months so its now official! He figured he was as tall as his 5 year old friends, so it only makes sense that he is 5 too. We made him a tire cake. LOL! I say we because Josh actually helped me on this one. While I was putting the layers together part of the cake broke. I was really frustrated and ready to throw it all away but Josh insisted he could fix it. So I let him. He grabbed his putty knife (he cleaned it off first of course) and treated the cake like it was drywall. At it worked! Remember I said a while back that I'm sick of the fact that he can do almost anything?? Well, he pretty much can. But I will never let him touch my hair again.

Sunday morning the Easter bunny came leaving the kids great baskets of treats and toys. The bunny made a HUGE mess, leaving a trail of grass all over the floor. I'm still vaccuming it up. I think next year I'll lock the door. Sunday night we had dinner at a friends house and had an Easter Egg hunt there with their kids. Fewer kids+more eggs equals better luck. Some of the plastic eggs were camo colored so those were a little harder to find.

So thats our weekend! Hope yours was a happy one!