Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Funeral and an arch

We got back home last night from a quick trip to Utah. A good friend of ours, Susann Allred (Suzie) passed away on Wednedsay. We've known her and her husband Les for almost 10 years. They have 10 kids together and they were such an awesome couple. During their last few years together, the two were inseperable. If you saw Les, you saw Suzie. Little did they know that sharks were swimming around in her brain. She died of a brain anurism. Suzie was great. She reminded me a lot of my mom. Her kids and grandkids were her joy. Always tending her grandkids and just as sweet as can be.
Les asked Josh to sing at the funeral and he did. He sang "In this Life" by Collin Raye. He did an amazing job. I was astounded at how much better he sounded in a microphone. I didn't think he could ever sound better. He played his guitar along with it and missed a cord, that bothered Josh but it really didn't matter. People came up to him afterwards and asked him if he was famous. LOL! That made Josh's day.

Our route home took us right through Moab. We couldn't just drive by without going to the Arches National Park. Josh and I have been there before when Kenzie was just a baby but you can never see too much of this beauty. The scenery is absolutey amazing!

Here we are with the Delicate Arch in the distance. We couldn't hike up to it because it was a little chilly for the kids. Plus, we had the dogs with us and pets are not allowed on the trails.

Delicate Arch

More photos in the park:
I think they call these "windows".

These are the La Sal Mountains in the distance.


The Chidesters said...

Sorry to hear about your friend, but I'm glad you had a good trip. I was really impressed with Josh's music ability when we came out for Sid's baptism. American Idol . . . get ready!