Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gotta Go To Work

So Parker's new phrase is, "I gotta go to work.'' He and a few other little boys in the neighborhood are building a "club house" 2 doors down at his friends' house. They're gathering old wood, breaking down wood pallets and they even found tons of nails down in the wash behind our house. (Even though he's not allowed to go down there). Its crazy how much they've built! I'm a little worried because they're building a roof over it too and I'm so afraid its going to cave in on them. So here's my dilama...Do I let boys be boys and just let him have his fun -I mean work- or do I put my foot down because its a little dangerous?
Yesterday he came home looking like Pig Pen, even with dirt in his nose! I say, let him just have fun. Josh says, no its dangerous. What a switch, right?? Josh and his brothers were hellians doing things 10 times worse! You'd think he'd think different.
Hopefully Parker will lose interst and move onto something else soon.


jennaloha said...

That's adorable. I would encourage the ingenuity.

Sasha said...

Josh could always go down to check it out when Parker isn't make sure it is safe. He could secure it for the boys. I would TOTALLY let him keep working!